What do SES Volunteers Do?

What does SES Volunteers Do? SES volunteers come from many walks of life, all backgrounds and professions.  In fact, the main thing SES volunteers have in common is a desire to make a contribution within their community. 

SES volunteers make themselves available to respond to emergencies when required, depending on their individual skills and training.    


The benefits of becoming an SES volunteer are immense.  Volunteers have many opportunities to develop new, skills, form new friendships, accept high levels of responsibility and enjoy the team spirit of a tightly knit unit.  

Personal and professional growth The training and experience you will receive as a volunteer will help you develop skills in leadership, communication, problem-solving, personal organisation and physical fitness. These skills along with SES membership are highly valued by employers.  

SES Kalgoorlie is seeking volunteers to help fulfil a number of functions, often at short notice. Duties include Land Search, Air Search, Storm Damage Mitigation, Cliff & Cave Rescue, Assist Police & General Duties.

Come along to the volunteer centre at 106 Burt St, Boulder for other exciting ways to spend your time volunteering.     
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