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We’re almost finishing up our app!

The KBVC app aims to connect people and organisations that need help with Goldfields volunteers willing to support them.

Through this app, volunteers can have a chat directly with those in need. It uses the mobile phone’s GPS coordinates to check who around needs a hand.

If you are a Goldfields resident willing to support our Community and/or need any help, you can be a volunteer and/or let a volunteer know you need a hand by making an enquire on KBVC app.

All chat sessions can be monitored by the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Volunteer Centre to ensure users’ safety as well as that the app is only used for its main purpose.

Terms and Conditions

The KBVC Micro-volunteering App concept

The key concept of micro-volunteering takes into consideration that people are more likely to volunteer if it does not take to much time to get jobs done, if there is not ongoing commitment with those who need help and also if the opportunities are flexible and accessible.

Nowadays, when more than 80% of Australians own a smartphone, most of the micro-volunteering projects mandatorily starts with a mobile app. New pieces of technology have helped integrate those who share similar points of view, making micro-volunteering project concepts feasible and easy to be implemented.

The KBVC app basically reunites Goldfields residents and organisations that need help with those willing to volunteer. It takes the mobile phone GPS coordinates to find out if someone in the neighborhood needs a hand and creates a chat session when requirements are matched.


Geohash is a public domain geocode system invented in 2008 by Gustavo Niemeyer. The KBVC app utilises a combination of your GPS coordinates and Geohash for limiting areas where volunteers and people who need help can see each other. Currently, the app is designed to operate with a 3-digit geocode as shown below.

Geohash map generated by //

For security reasons, the app only works if users are located in Western Australia, but anyone in WA can download and run it. By definition, users do not necessarily need to be located in the Goldfields region to be able to get access to it.

In order to gather users’ geohash location, the KBVC app must be able access to the phone’s GPS location. If denied, the app will show an error message and close.

KBVC database

KBVC database on Google Firebase

The KBVC app uses Google Cloud database to store all data provided by users. It means that the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Volunteer Centre has access to messages sent via chat session and also does not allow the transference of photos or videos, ensuring a safe environment for everyone. The KBVC app audits its database in a daily basis. Inconvenient users can also get their chat sessions blocked by other users or an KBVC app administrator.

This project was born and bred in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It is also a micro-volunteering open source project, so if you felt inspired by this and would like to know more about it, please fill in the form below to get in touch with the developers.